Sabtu, 14 April 2018

Peringkat tertinggi pertama Asia, Malaysia ,Indonesia di Ormeus global dan income tercepat serta group terbesar tercepat

When you upgrade to a higher Pack value you pay the difference between the Pack you have and the Pack you are upgrading to however the upgrade must happen in 30 days. If you do NOT upgrade your Pack in 30 days from purchasing your initial Pack you will have to pay the FULL price of the Pack you want to purchase at the higher level.

Please pass on to your team the following update below which is applicable for people NOT in the top 100 so they do not miss out on commissions.
Do you have people coming to the Ormeus launch event on Bangkok dan Honggong office lock your position free now.

Video presentasi penjelasan
We had a lengthy call with the head of support at Ormeus today to get clarification on a number of items that will determine IF you earn commission this week and how much you will earn for those who have registered with Ormues in our team this week.

Here is the minimum required if you want to earn the following commissions for the pay run this Sunday at 11.59pm Hong Kong time.

Fast Start: Need to have purchased personally a minimum of a $1000 USD Bronze Pack

Team Bonus (Binary Team Income): Personally purchase a minimum of a $1000 USD Bronze Pack and personally enrolled 2 people with a Bronze Pack placing one in LEFT and one in the RIGHT leg.

Matching Income: Must have purchased a minimum of a $1000 USD Bronze Pack.

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